There has been a lot going on in the world lately, and it’s been challenging for a lot of different people. Between the civil unrest linked to the Black Lives Matter movement demanding justice, and the pandemic going on, many have asked for celebrities and influencers with large social platforms to use their influence and audience to bring attention to these important matters. Many have stepped up, some have remained silent, but Tyler Joseph may be canceled for how he chose to speak up  —  with a joke. 

Some are calling for Tyler Joseph to be canceled over his insensitive tweet.

On Sept. 2, Tyler took to his Twitter account to make a joke that many are calling insensitive based on what he’s seemingly referencing. He tweeted, “you guys keep asking me to use my platforms. feels good to dust these bad boys off.”

Along with the tweet, Tyler posted two photos of himself wearing large white platform shoes. In the first image, Tyler is standing tall and facing the camera at an angle to show off the tall shoes. The second image, Tyler is squatting down, pretending to tie the laces of the large white platform shoes. 

Immediately after posting, fans and critics responded with disappointment. The tweets seemingly poked fun at fans urging him to use his social platform to speak up on the important issues going on in the world right now  —  specifically the Black Lives Matter movement. People responded to his tweet sharing their disgust at him appearing to poke fun at something so serious.

“yikes. disappointed tbh,” one person tweeted. Adding, “you didn’t have to say anything, no one can tell you how to use your platform. but mocking people about it doesn’t sit right…” 

In a follow up tweet, this person continued and said, “i’ve seen most of the criticism of tyler lately up until this point silly (i.e. going to his family’s easter dinner) but he’s genuinely mocking fans supporting BLM. idc if it’s a joke, not funny. does he deserve to be cancelled? no. but people have every right to be disappointed.” 

Tyler was called out by another person who replied to Tyler’s tweet saying, “no that’s actually not what we mean. we would like you to speak up on the injustice in this country.” 

Another said, “i’ve adored twenty one pilots since i was 13 years old and this hurts man. to see tyler be so insensitive. call me dramatic but tyler joseph that tweet was so f–king tone deaf and i am beyond disappointed. people in the world are suffering?? it’s not some cheeky little joke??”

Others came to his defense after the call out, saying maybe people upset are taking this too seriously. 

“He is not joking about the issues, he is joking about the ‘fans’ that ask and put pressure on him to speak, and without respect,” one person said. Adding, “while he is creating new music that you also ask for. Please be patient and respectful.” 

“I love and appreciate your platforms post,” someone else tweeted in response. “No person should be expected to reveal their thoughts on anything. No person should be criticized for their personal opinions or thoughts that they do choose to express. We should respect individualism.”

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