According to CheatSheet, in Kailyn’s 2018 book, “A Letter of Love,” she wrote about her decision to end the relationship she had with Chris shortly after they welcomed a son, Lux, together. 

“Even the responsibility for all of the baby formula was left up to me. I kind of knew that this would be a possibility, but I guess I just wanted to be proved wrong. Is it too much to ask if the baby needs anything? Whether we were on good or bad terms, Chris could have at least asked if I needed help,” she wrote. 

According to the Hollywood Gossip, in one of her books she’s written, Kailyn alleged that Chris had “broken into her home and on another occasion, he broke a window in her bedroom.” The relationship between the two of them was so volatile, when Lux was born, Kailyn changed his name from Lux Lopez to Lux Lowry. InTouch Weekly said that when Kailyn petitioned for the name change, Chris contested it, but the petition was eventually granted in April 2018.

Despite that, the two seemed to still be happy together. Kailyn told Us Weekly in January 2019, the two were close. “Chris and I are always together even when we’re not together, if that makes any sense,” she said. “Don’t be surprised if you see a wedding in the tabloids next month.”

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