In an Aug. 16 Last Week Tonight segment, John Oliver was discussing how people of color are routinely excluded from jury duty. One example was when two towns in Connecticut, Hartford and New Britain, were completely erased from the jury system because of a “flaw” within the computer system. This prohibited a large percentage of POC residents from taking part in the necessary civic duty, and in total John Oliver fashion, this inspired an angry rant… in which he dissed Danbury.

“If you’re gonna forget a town in Connecticut, forget Danbury, because — and this is true — f–k danbury!” John said. He proceeded to trash the “charming railway museum,” and the fact that it was ranked Second Best City by USA in 2015, threatening anyone who goes there. 

In response, the mayor of Danbury, Mark Boughton, posted a video to his official Facebook page, offering to name a local sewage plant after him. 

But the conversation didn’t stop there. John proceeded to offer $55,000 in donations to local Danbury charities that would go to neighborhood food banks, COVID-19 efforts, and more, as long as the mayor actually makes The John Oliver Memorial Sewer Plant a reality, and it sounds like he may go through with it.

“We are working very hard on it… He has thrown down the gauntlet. Now, I have to do something to get these dollars,” Mark said, also hinting at an upcoming response video. 

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