The first episode of Million Dollar Beach House, titled “Selling Season,” sees Noel and Peggy engage in the first of many vicious fights to come. Determined to sell a beach house in Amagansett, N.Y., Noel sets up an appointment with homeowner Sandy. Peggy tags along, only to hijack the meeting and create some confusion regarding who the leading agent is, much to Noel’s disappointment. 

Viewers of the show want to know: Did the agents manage to sell the property in the end?

It doesn’t look like Noel managed to sell Sandy’s astonishing property in the end.

“Selling Season” captured the first, slightly conflicted meeting to take place between Noel, Peggy, and Sandy. As the episode revealed, the estate agents set themselves the ambitious task of convincing a homeowner to sell their property. 

Although Noel claims at the beginning of the episode that it only takes the right amount of money to convince a house owner, the meeting doesn’t go as well as originally planned.

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Reluctant to sell her home, Sandy eventually tells the real estate agent duo that she would need to talk to her husband first.

As the next episode, “Rookie Mistakes” reveals, Sandy gives in and agrees to go ahead and list the property — which turns out to be the single-handedly most expensive house ever represented by Nest Seekers, the agency Peggy and Noel work for. 

“The buyer for this house is gonna be somebody who can afford to buy something at this level that is turnkey. They don’t want to wait two, three years, they don’t want to deal with builders and architects, and they want to immediately enjoy their home,” Noel predicts in a scene. 

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After a brief meeting with one of Peggy’s friends, however, his opinions shift ever so slightly. 

After evaluating the property inside and out — and asking some probing questions about the artist behind the chandelier hanging in the staircase, the efficiency of the solar panels, and about whether the glass windows have been soundproofed — Justin, Peggy’s client, ends up listing all the reasons why the house wouldn’t meet his clients’ standards. 

Upon enquiring about the price, Justin discovers that the owners’ emotional attachment was the sole determining factor in the evaluation process. As he informs Noel, this wouldn’t be convincing enough for the type of people he works with. 

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Although the house has six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, and nearly 150 feet of direct ocean frontage, Justin claims that these traits alone wouldn’t justify the exorbitant asking price of $35 million. 

The scrotum-esque chandelier, the dinosaur stairs, and the other quirks may have swayed the real estate agents’ opinion, but they had no such effect on Justin. 

Unfortunately, the show doesn’t address what happened to the house in the end. According to Men’s Health, it’s likely that Justin’s prognosis turned out to be correct, and that Noel didn’t manage to sell the property for the original price of $35 million, which he agreed on with Sandy. 

As the Nest Seekers website reveals, the house has been put off the market since then. However, there’s a chance that the original owners still reside in it. 

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