In the Vulture interview, Big Sean is asked if he regrets writing “IDFWU,” and Big Sean not only evaded the answer, saying “that’s a tough question to answer,” but said that Naya “knew about it” and “liked it.” However, in Naya’s memoir, she specifically writes that she didn’t want the song to be written about her. In her memoir, Sorry Not Sorry: Dreams, Mistakes, and Growing Up, she wrote, “So, I was an adult who dated a child, and now, I have a rap song about me.” Fans launched the #bigseanisoverparty hashtag on Twitter to express their anger over Big Sean’s lie.

Twitter is sharing more about Big Sean and Naya’s relationship, according to her memoir. Including this tweet, which shares notes from the book. Allegedly Big Sean stole a Rolex from Naya (one that he gave her), tried to insert himself in photos, didn’t comfort her when Cory Monteith died, showed up to couples’ therapy late, and broke up with her on Twitter. 

“it’s the ‘if i would’ve known something this tragic would’ve happened’ like if this all didn’t happen he wouldn’t feel bad about this diss track at all which is so twisted???? should’ve attempted to be a decent person and just never released it in the first place,” one user wrote. 

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