In 2005, Jessica was crowned the winner of Missy Elliott’s: Road to Stardom reality TV show. As the winner of the show, Jessica was awarded a record contract with Missy’s label, a released single, and a $100,000 cash prize. That being said, her career didn’t quite take off. She later explained that she wasn’t sure who she was yet after winning and needed to find herself before really trying to “make it.” 

I think you have to mentally be prepared if you want to attain success in this business. Now, I’m embarking on something so incredible, ground-breaking and so amazing. I have a great team behind me, and they’ve kinda re-sparked the flame in me that I thought had died. But, my break was basically to find Jessica first. I needed to build a shield to protect myself and get to a point where I felt strong enough to embark on this incredible journey,” she told Ebony in 2012.

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