On Bradley’s second channel, he showcases a wrestling match between the two in a video titled “I FOUGHT BRYCE HALL.”

In the first minute of the video, Bryce walks into Bradley’s gym, known as The Zoo, and immediately challenges Bradley to a wrestling match. With him are the other Sway House members as well as Mike Majlak and some other influencers.

Bradley agrees to take Bryce up on his offer, challenging him to the match “right here.” The group is standing in the entryway of the gym.

Bryce tries to counter Bradley’s challenge, suggesting they move somewhere more padded than the concrete entryway. But Bradley stands his ground, and the two eventually square up. Before the two-minute mark, Bradley has knocked Bryce to the ground and the match is called.

“In all fairness, he was out drinking last night,” Mike said in an attempted defense of Bryce. Ultimately, Bryce laughs the interaction off, and the two shake hands.

Bryce has a history in wrestling. Before he was a TikTok star, Bryce wrestled in high school. The creator has yet to reveal any of his previous scores from his wrestling matches, though he’s made it clear he’s willing to step in the ring with almost anyone.

Since this match, Bryce has continued to challenge other influencers to fight him.

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