There are so many different trends and challenges that go viral on TikTok that, at this point, we find ourselves looking up how to do one of them pretty much every single day. It seems like nearly every TikTok trend requires some special supplies or editing skills.

So, imagine our delight upon hearing about the “Take a shot and make a TikTok” trend. If you’re wondering what it is, all you have to do is read the name of it, then follow the directions. If that’s still not quite clear enough for you, we’ll explain a bit more. (By the way, the TikTok sound associated with this trend has some NSFW language, just so you’re aware!)

The directions are pretty clear: Take a shot and make a TikTok.

It looks like this TikTok trend is centered around one particular TikTok sound called, appropriately enough, “Take a Shot and Make a TikTok” by Nategawd, Flo Rida, and Lil Jon. The concept is pretty simple: You’re supposed to take a shot (of alcohol, in case that wasn’t obvious), and then make a TikTok video. Easy enough.

After scrolling through the many, many TikTok videos that use that particular song, it seems as though the concept has evolved (slightly). Many of the videos feature a group of people taking shots one at a time. Either the people stand in a line and take their shot before moving out of the way, or people line the shots up in a line. It’s not, like, fine art, but for people who are looking for a way to consume alcohol in some kind of “fun” way, this trend provides exactly that.

Another twist on the trend involves using the Face Zoom effect. People will stand in a group with their back to the camera, then turn around together. Whoever is chosen by the Face Zoom effect has to take a shot. It’s truly a modern drinking game, huh? Who knew we’d end up using technology in such a way? (Just kidding — it was inevitable.)

Obviously, if you’re going to participate in this trend, please do so responsibly and don’t break any laws. Plus, it’s not like you have to drink alcohol to be a part of the trend. Take a shot of lemonade! Or water! It’s important to stay hydrated, you know?

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