According to photos which were leaked ahead of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? Season 5, Angela and Michael got married in Nigeria. They were urged by an immigration attorney to get married in Nigeria to give Michael a better chance at getting to the U.S. And, if the photos that show Michael and Angela at the altar with TLC cameras front and center are legit, then they really are married.

Angela does still run her Instagram with the name of Angela & Michael and a main photo of the two of them, after all. And in July 2020, she shared a throwback photo of herself with Michael, which included the hashtag #TeamAngelaMichael. She also tagged Sanusi Olabode, one of Michael’s friends, in the photo, so it’s safe to say she also won over the “goofballs,” as she affectionately nicknamed Michael’s group of friends.

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