Although Cobra Kai has only recently been added to Netflix’s library, it was filmed way back in 2017 — seems like a lifetime ago, doesn’t it? Just like The Karate Kid, Cobra Kai takes place in Reseda, Calif. However, it may surprise you to learn that the series was not actually filmed in California at all.

In fact, Cobra Kai was filmed primarily in Atlanta, Ga. One flashback scene, in particular, was filmed at the former Landmark Diner Jr., which you may also recognize from a few scenes from Parks and Rec. Other Georgia locations include Union City, Marietta, and the Briarcliff Campus of Emory University. The (fictional) Cobra Kai dojo was located on Lakewood Avenue in Atlanta. Although a lot of filming took place in Georgia, some exterior shots were also filmed in Los Angeles.

Interestingly enough, Karate Kid was actually not filmed in Georgia — probably because it was filmed before major tax incentives for filming in the state were introduced. The prequel to the new series was filmed primarily in various locations throughout Los Angeles, with some scenes filmed in New Jersey and others in Arizona.

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