Sam and Kailah started dating sometime around January 2020. 

As they explain in a YouTube video, titled “How We Met,” they started dating shortly after Kailah noticed that Sam followed and unfollowed her on Instagram, while liking just about every single one of her posts in the process. 

As she reveals in the video, Sam’s suspicious activity was brought to her attention by one of her fans, who encouraged her to get in touch with Sam to test the waters and see if they have any chemistry. 

“So, here’s how it happened. I was at my parents’ house for Christmas. I got a DM […] from a fan […] they were like ‘just so you know Sam […] he has followed you and liked a bunch of your pictures and […] unfollowed you in the past couple of months,” Kailah explained in a YouTube video titled “How We Met.” 

“So he did that. And she was like ‘you should hit him up.’ And I was like, ‘Alright, I will,'” Kailah described how it all began. 

“So I DM’d him and then he was like, literally that same night, he was like, I’m gonna book a trip to come see you […] and here we are now,” she added. 

Kailah is based in Florida, while Sam lives in Norwich, Norfolk. However, they didn’t let the distance come between them, arranging a handful of dates at both locations instead. 

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