A few days after Amelie was asked about her relationship status with Blake Gray, she and he were seen out together in L.A. In video obtained by Celebrity Livin, it shows Blake exiting Amelie’s car. The paparazzi ask Blake about how he’s doing to which he responds, “I’m doing good. I’m going out on a little date.” He then gestures to Amelie, who is handing her keys to a valet. 

After they finish dinner, Amelie comes out once again to speak to the paparazzi while Blake looks on. Commenters on the video noted the way that Blake looks at Amelie while she was speaking as a sign that the two are definitely together. One user commented, “The way he looks at Amelie the man is in love.” 

Another fan noted how cute the couple looks together and said, “I love them individually and together so much and I can’t even explain why They just give off such a position vibe.”

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