[Spoilers for some Marvel movies ahead] 

If you’ve been on Twitter recently, you may have noticed that #MarvelIsOverParty is trending — and you may be wondering why. Did Marvel do something horrendous lately? Did they kill off another badass female character and not even give her a proper funeral? Did they bring back Loki only to choke him to death again? What. Is. Going. On. 

Why is there a Marvel Is Over Party?

#MarvelIsOverParty is trending for numerous reasons. Number one, fans are peeved that there has been radio silence from the Marvel team, while DC has released a new Wonder Woman 1984 trailer, along with teasers forThe Batman, The Justice League, and Black Adam (all of which are glorious, and make us really miss watching superhero movies in theaters). Number two, fans are pissed so many good Marvel characters have been killed off. And number three, people are angry with Marvel not representing the LGBTQ+ community in their films or treating female characters all that well. 

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After Endgame premiered in 2019 (even thought it feels like 10 years ago??) it was no secret that Marvel did Black Widow really dirty. Not only was Natasha treated poorly in nearly every movie (during her training, they made her unable to have children and this made her feel like she was a monster — and she never had any kind of true romantic partnership even though she was clearly lonely. Not that it’s sad she was single, but it was depicted as almost a weakness versus a strength), but they killed her off and didn’t even have a funeral for her like they did for Tony.

Plus, they lagged on a Black Widow standalone film, and we can’t even get that now.

There are also just a lot of great female characters that got very little screen time, and Marvel fans are over it.

Also, one Twitter user pointed out Marvel is over because Morgan didn’t get her dad back. And that’s true. They could have let Tony live, or like, not have written Morgan in. That’s dark and it hurts 3,000.

Loki’s death was another strike. That was just cruel and unnecessary. Sure, Loki’s death fueled Thor’s anger, but Thor also felt like he let down the world by not stopping Thanos from making half the population disappear. That could have been enough.

So, yeah. There’s no one specific reason why #MarvelIsOverParty is trending. It seems like fans are getting restless, want more updates, and wish Marvel would get with the program and represent everyone in their movies.

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