Jessie recently released a new podcast, We Can’t Talk About That Right Now, with her sister Bebe, who is also an actress. While talking on the podcast, she shared that she was raped by her tennis coach as a teenager. The story came up as the two sisters were discussing Bebe’s journey into adulthood in comparison to Jessie’s.

Bebe said, “I remember we had a really, really bad fight once when we tried to work out who had a harder teenager-hood.” Jessie responded and said, “I mean, come on, I was raped. I get the trump card.”

Bebe, laughing, replied, “‘That’s kind of a trump card at this point and you do pull it out a lot.” 

Jessie also laughed with her sister and continued, “I had braces for five years, I had acne when I was finishing my adolescence… I had clear skin all the way through school, and just when things are supposed to be getting good, then I got it really bad. To be fair, acne and braces are bad, but I think rape at 14 is pretty bad. By your tennis coach, who you trusted, a position of power.”

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