Issa is far from the only person to take it to social media platforms to protest against the fox eye pose and its sister trend, the fox eye look. 

The fox eye pose refers to the gesture some beauty influencers adopt while taking photographs showcasing their newest makeup looks. The fox eye look references the makeup styles worn by Asian characters appearing in Old Hollywood movies. 

The look comprises of well-defined, sharply-tilted eyebrows and a cat-eye flick pointing towards the temple. In addition, a smudge of eyeshadow is added to the inner corner of the eyes, a previous article by Teen Vogue reveals. 

As some critics argue, the trend is tantamount to cultural appropriation — the practice whereby the members of a dominant culture hijack certain signifiers, such as rituals, dances, items of clothing, or makeup looks created by a minority. Others claim it’s plainly insensitive. 

“So I’ve seen the fox eye challenge going around and I have to say everyone’s missing like one, giant point to it, and it’s like, the smallest hack you can do and it makes all the difference … just apply your makeup as you normally would and then from there, you’re gonna stop, and you’re not going to do this challenge cause it’s really freaking insensitive,” Leah Melle explained in a recent TikTok video. “So how about we pick a whole new trend and throw this one out.”

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