A variety of soccer teams — and other sports teams — across the globe would kill to have Messi play for them. A Minor League Baseball team from Fresno, called the Grizzlies, tweeted an edited image of Messi wearing their jersey, extending a playful offer for him to play on their team after he announced his resignation. “Wonder if Messi has ever thought of trying out baseball,” the tweet read.

But it seems like Messi is planning on sticking to the game of football (aka U.S. soccer), and that he’ll end up playing for Manchester City. In fact, it appears they’re already formulating a contract which — according to The Telegraph — could end up costing them up to £500 million. Some are saying it would ultimately be one of the largest (and most expensive) trades in soccer history, and honestly, we aren’t particularly surprised.

The rumored contract that is currently in the works between Messi and Manchester City’s manager, Pep Guardiola, would have Messi playing for MC’s Premier League team for a full three years, according to ESPN. Once the three years are up, however, Messi would have the option to play for MC’s sister team in the U.S., New York City FC. So really, we’re hoping this actually happens. Messi in the Big Apple? A dream come true.

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