It’s not uncommon for celebrities and professional athletes to voice their opinions on what is happening in current events. Recently, Kenosha police shot Jacob Blake seven times in the back as he was attempting to break up a fight. After the news got around of this shooting, the city of Kenosha began to protest. 

To support the protestors and the Black Lives Matter movement, NBA players decided to strike as an act of protest against the continuing police brutality against BIPOC in the United States. MLB, MLS, and the WNBA also pushed back games, and several football teams, including the Chicago Bears, canceled practice to have team discussions instead. 

Fans were disappointed in Brian Urlacher’s opinions on the shooting of Jacob Blake.

To no one’s surprise, the former NFL player’s comments were met with a lot of anger and disappointment from fans. One long-time fan tweeted his disappointment and said, “As a Chicago Bears fan and big fan of 54, this is tough to see. I wish Brian Urlacher was smart enough to realize that Brett Favre’s dad passing and Racism are not the same thing.”

Another Twitter user noted that Brian Urlacher had like a couple of controversial images on Instagram including an image of Kyle Rittenhouse, the Kenosha shooting suspect who reportedly shot three protestors and killed two, with the words “FREE KYLE RITTENHOUSE! PATRIOT LIVES MATTER.” Another user noted that he possibly follows multiple Q-Anon accounts. 

Based on his comments, “likes” on Instagram, and Instagram feed itself (which features a photo of him visiting the White House and posing with President Donald Trump) speaks pretty obvious to what side of the political aisle he lies on. 

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