Bollywood actress Anushka married her cricket player partner, Virat, on Dec. 11, 2017, during a secret ceremony in Italy. They are considered royalty to their fans, both being high profile in their perspective jobs. According to CricketTimes, the pair had to use “fake email ids and names to plan their wedding,” so that the secret wouldn’t be blow.  

The two are clearly in love and Virat says that even though they never formally got engaged, their wedding and relationship has been so good for him. He called himself “self-centered” before he met Anushka adding, “I say that because when she came into my life, everything negative in me changed for good. I have always mentioned that before I met her I was very self-centered. Very focused on what I like to do, what I need to do. Having my comfort zone was a big thing.” 

He continued, “When you meet a person that you love, you want to do things for the other person. You have to open up. And the constant conversations we always had was — it is not always thinking about yourself, it is about companionship.” Adding, “And that is something she taught me when she came into my life … My life completely changed because I started looking at her and what can I do for her.” 

Congratulations to the growing family! 

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