According to Rebecca’s Instagram, she does it all. Her bio credits her as a singer, songwriter, actress, TV personality, and mogul. So far, other than being Terry’s wife, she has made a name for herself as a soul singer under the pseudonym Regina Madre. In 2018, she was even nominated by SoulTracks for Best New Artist.

Although Rebecca became a bit of a public figure following her work on The Family Crews, a BET series which documented the life of Terry Crews as he turned from NFL star to actor, she felt trapped in the role of Terry Crews’ wife. In an interview with Black Girl Nerds, she said that “people often have a hard time seeing you in a different way … a different light. Especially when they already know who you are.”

While she released music under her own name, it was too linked to her already famous family, so she reinvented herself and, thus, Regina Madre was born.

“I came up with Regina Madre because Regina means Queen and Madre means Mother,” she said. “And the biggest thing that I am grateful for, is motherhood. I have five kids. I wanted a name that was regal. My maiden name is King. Plus I wanted to keep the R in my alias, so Regina fits.”

In addition to her prosperous career, Rebecca is also a loving mother to five children and a grandmother of one. She had Azriel, Isaiah, Tera, and Wynfrey with Terry, but she had Naomi with Charles Burton. Terry would later adopt Naomi, though, and she would give birth to their first grandchild, Miley.

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