While many of her characters deal with romance in unconventional ways, Saoirse admits that she herself doesn’t really date much. Despite being in her mid-twenties, during her appearance on Ellen, Saoirse admitted that she doesn’t think much about dating.

“I don’t know how to date,” she joked with the talk show host. “I don’t date. I’m not into the whole ‘Let’s go out for dinner.'”

She and Ellen played a mildly-painful game of Who’d You Rather, where Saoirse mostly chose her men based on whether she knew them in real life and if she felt she could have a “companionship” with them.

For the most part, the actress has never openly discussed her sexuality, though she’s previously been romantically linked to her Mary Queen Of Scots co-star Jack Lowden and singer-songwriter Hozier. Recently, though, Saoirse has not confirmed a public relationship with anyone.

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