The internet group known as The Trio, best recognized for their Minecraft livestreams, had a solid following in mid-2019. Made of online gamers Skeppy, a6d, and BadBoyHalo, The Trio only lasted for a few months before they decided to break up.

Their initial split was amicable, but despite departing on pleasant terms, it seems that some drama has unfolded between Skeppy and a6d. What did a6d do to Skeppy, and does it have anything to do with The Trio’s disbandment?

Why did The Trio disband?

The group was only active for a few months, completing two YouTube videos and many livestreams, before they officially disbanded. The Trio began falling apart in February 2020, when Skeppy personally announced that he would be leaving the group.

According to their Fandom page, Skeppy tweeted that he wanted to distance himself from the group professionally, as he wasn’t a fan of the drama that had come with it, as internet drama wasn’t something he was willing to participate in.

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“There were so many times where I distanced myself from drama, but always found myself affiliated with it because of The Trio,” he said in a now-deleted tweet, according to their Fandom page. “It was really draining for me, and that’s something I don’t really want to be a part of.”

Skeppy even clarified when he announced his decision to leave that “I love Bad & A6D so much,” dismissing any rumors of drama between the two. But despite his initial clarification in February, it seems that things have changed.

What did a6d do to Skeppy?

Recently, there’s been a lot of drama surrounding a6d. The French streamer has been accused of transphobia, ableism, using the N-word on a Minecraft stream, and grooming, among other things. All of the accusations currently lobbied against him are summarized in a thread by Twitter user @quandtumens, who claims they personally were groomed by a6d.

In addition to these accusations, a6d allegedly attempted to bring Skeppy into his drama, claiming that Skeppy convinced him to make some of the content that was deemed problematic. Skeppy’s fans have come to his defense, saying that Skeppy isn’t really behind the insensitive content.

This is what has caused drama between the two creators. While Skeppy has yet to formally address the situation, he’s clarified to his followers that despite it all, he still respects a6d. 

“It’s okay to disagree with your friends. No one is going to understand exactly what happened, and why I feel a certain way. and that’s okay,” he tweeted. “I have so much love and respect to give and wish everyone the best.”

While he and a6d seem to be at the beginning of the end of their friendship, it seems that Skeppy still has BadBoyHalo on his side. The two creators tweeted that they are still best friends and are vocal in their support for each other through this current drama.

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