Silva, who is famous for his appearance on Ink Master, was involved with a drunk driving incident after leaving a party celebrating Corey’s birthday earlier in the day on May 10, 2020. According to TMZ, which broke the news of the incident, “two men in a McLaren sports car somehow crashed into a street sign and tree while out for a drive. The passenger took the brunt of the hit.” 

It was later revealed that the driver of the car that hit the street sign and tree was Silva and the passenger of that car was Corey. It was also said that at the time of the crash, Silva had attempted to flee the scene and was stopped by bystanders who jumped in to help after the accident. 

Silva suffered non-threatening injuries, breaking his hip, however, Corey was pronounced dead shortly after arriving at a local hospital.  

Silva was arrested shortly after the accident on second-degree murder charges and when he was cleared from the hospital, he was transferred to a prison facility. At the time, he pleaded not guilty on May 20, and Simon La Barrie and Lissa Burton, parents of Corey, pressed charges against Silva and his company, Daniel Silva Tattoo.

At the time of Silva’s arraignment, prosecutors said he could face a maximum sentence of 15 years to life in state prison. 

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