A relative newcomer to the world of reality TV, Sean made a living as a stripper and naked butler before signing up to shows like Just Tattoo of Us or Ex on the Beach U.K. 

Eager to test his blossoming relationship with Instagram model Jordi Leigh, the Coventry-native decided to embark on a new adventure and applied for Baewatch: Parental Guidance. 

Fortunately for Sean and Jordi, the show turned out to be an easy feat — and they got through the mighty ordeal of getting their relationship inspected by Jordi’s folks without much trouble. 

According to The Sun, they were among the couples to leave Baewatch: Parental Guidance together.  

They dated for quite some time after leaving the show, and according to London Post, it’s possible that they even considered getting engaged at one point. 

As the website notes, Jordi posted an Instagram Story about a dazzling diamond ring on her left ring finger a while ago. It’s uncertain whether the claim can be taken to be true. For what it’s worth, Sean and Jordi were frequently hailed as one of the hottest celeb couples during their time together. 

Unfortunately, however, things did turn sour between them eventually. As Reality Titbit reveals, Jordi became the target of cheating accusations — which brought about their premature demise. 

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