Overall, over the many seasons of Love It or List It since its 2008 premiere, Hilary has had more wins than David. But, to be fair, she sort of has a home field advantage. When she overhauls some of the couples’ interiors, they have already agreed to a budget and, essentially, spent that money with the notion that they won’t be getting it back.

So when Hilary decorates their homes and renovates portions of them, all they have to do is stay there and enjoy it rather than go through the hassle of listing their home and moving into another one. And, Hilary told Heavy in an interview, designing something for each client isn’t as difficult as it might look on TV.

“The homeowners are very often asking for the same thing over and over and over,” she said. “We then collectively put our heads together and figure out how we can come up with the best way to give them what they want but give it with a little bit of a twist, something a little different. Very often in fact, we are repeating the concepts of many designs. It’s the execution of them which makes them feel different. We’re tailoring them to each homeowner.”

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