One of the Conways’ high school-aged daughters, Claudia, has generated a lot of attention on TikTok and Twitter about her family and their political views over the last several months. She has recorded conversations with some of her family members and talked on livestreams, alleging to have experienced verbal, physical, and emotional abuse at their hands. 

Despite her parent’s recent actions to be closer to home, Claudia announced on Twitter that she is seeking emancipation. “i’m officially pushing for emancipation. buckle up because this is probably going to be public one way or another, unfortunately. welcome to my life,” Claudia wrote on Twitter

She also clarified that she was seeking emancipation because of the alleged abuse she shared, and not because she disagrees with her parents’ political views.“y’all love to twist everything,” she wrote. “i’m not getting emancipated because of my mom’s job. it is because of years of childhood trauma and abuse.”

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