During a recent episode of her podcast, Anything Goes, Emma discusses some of her latest dreams, and one of them was about “someone cheating on her.” She woke up angry, and apparently called his person to tell him what had had happened, which basically confirmed rumors that she may be dating someone… whom many believe to be 21-year-old “blind” singer, Tuck Pillsbury, aka ROLE MODEL.

Earlier this summer, Emma Chamberlain Instagram fan account, emmas_car_scissors, posted a photo series with a caption detailing Emma’s latest endeavors. It said she was hanging out with the “usual suspects” — her best friends, Olivia Rouyre, Olivia’s boyfriend Mikey, and Amanda Pavillard, along with ROLE MODEL. 

The post said that both of Emma’s parents had recently followed the singer on Instagram, which is a major hint that they could be more than friends. Like we said, she probably will never confirm these rumors, but needless to say we’ll keep an eye on those two.

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