While it’s easy to write off angsty teen problems as mere overblown bouts of drama, especially ones that are aired out on a platform such as TikTok, there are some serious issues people face. On the surface of this particular movement, it might be easy to scoff at the issue: Alex’s mom took control of his social media accounts and began posting on his behalf. No big deal, right? 

One may assume that a parent didn’t like the fact that their kid was “wasting” all of their time online on that “darn phone” and wanted to teach them a lesson. But the nature of the relationship between Alex and his mom is what’s getting folks on social media very concerned.

Alex is a transgender boy who was born female and his mother is urging everyone to call him by his birth name Danika. Many are calling this a case of “deadnaming.”

This phenomenon is viewed as extremely harmful by members of the trans community and those who identify and support trans issues: it “erases” the new identity that the trans individual has embraced. So, calling a person who has transitioned by their past name is perceived as extremely offensive and harmful.

Alex’s mother, Tasha, commandeered his social media accounts and began uploading posts herself encouraging Alex’s followers to call him by his birth name, and in several of his videos, Tasha refers to Alex as “she.”

“You will address her as Danika, or you will not address her at all. If you cannot follow her mother’s instructions, you will be removed out of her life,” Tasha says in one of the posts she uploaded to Alex’s account.

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