Deavan hasn’t addressed speculation that her daughter might be on the spectrum — and she reportedly blocked followers who suggested that Drascilla get tested — but the 23-year-old’s parenting was once again called into question following a recent episode of the reality series in which the child was seen running into the street.

“Imagine if you put as much effort into disciplining your child as you do with getting fillers,” one critic wrote on Instagram. Another remarked, “Need to sort your kid out she has no manners… maybe take a break on the selfies and concentrate on getting your kid to behave.”

Deavan admitted that the negativity gets under her skin, adding, “it’s disgusting how cruel [internet trolls] are.” But not everyone blames the Salt Lake City native for her daughter’s unruliness. 

“Can I tell you how mad I am lately how much they are tearing Drascilla apart?” one supporter lamented about the haters on Deavan’s social media pages. “She’s an effin kid for Christ sakes. I love these Karen moms.”

A second viewer blasted TLC for seemingly encouraging the narrative that Deavan and her husband, Jihoon, are irresponsible parents. “ABSOLUTELY SHAMEFUL that [TLC] would capitalize on our greatest parental fears in such a vulgar manner,” the Instagram user stated, referring to a cliffhanger that called Drascilla’s safety into question.

“Ignore the rude comments about your child’s behavior,” the fan continued. “Those who are commenting with nasty words instead of supporting a parent who has had enough on her plate to begin with are just ignorant children themselves. Keep your chin up and be proud of how far you’ve come under difficult and stressful circumstances.”

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