Former wrestler and MMA fighter Mark Kerr had a long and successful career in the ring. Frequently referred to as a heavyweight champion, Mark spent more than two decades fighting before he finally retired in 2009.

While fans got a look into his life with an HBO documentary titled The Smashing Machine in 2003, he’s been very quiet since his retirement from the ring. Where is Mark today and what has he been up to?

Mark Kerr started a GoFundMe to help with recent medical costs.

Mark has since settled down in Arizona, where he’s been raising his son, Bryce, with his ex, Dawn Staples. But things haven’t always been easy for the former champion. Likely a side effect of his years in the rings, Mark revealed that he’s been struggling with peripheral neuropathy, which causes weakness and numbness in the hands and feet.

In a GoFundMe, Mark revealed that he’d been diagnosed with the condition in 2016, and despite his best efforts, it has caused some complications in his life. 

“Over the last 6 months it has made it almost impossible to work,” Mark wrote of his condition in his GoFundMe. Adding that he “has suffered in silence because pain medication is not a option.”

The GoFundMe was to raise money for any of his treatment that was not covered by insurance, with a goal set to over $13,000. At this time, the fundraiser has $7,400. 

“Mark has been a private person over the year’s (sic) he read all your thoughts, prayers and praise with great appreciation. We are hopeful the MMA community can help raise enough money to help pay for all the treatments not covered by insurance,” the description reads.

It seems he’s been focusing on getting better, as he updated the page, thanking donors for their help.

“It’s been an amazing journey over the last couple of months. Some incredible people have renewed my faith and exceeded any and all my expectations in the human condition,” he wrote. “I still have a long way to go before I get a handle on my health… I truly hesitated to bring this to light but I am so thankful I did.”

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