The patriarch’s fate hung in the balance after he seemingly suffered a stroke. Right before, Lady Mae had mentioned that she wanted to remarry him ASAP, but found Bishop unable to speak in their bedroom. 

He signaled for a pen and managed to scrawl out “I do” on his Bible as the mother of three sat beside him. “I do, too, my love,” she tearfully replied before he collapsed. 

Unfortunately, we learned in the show’s last hour that Bishop passed away. Lady Mae couldn’t bear to talk about his death, telling Karine, “My heart is a truckload of nitroglycerine, and his name is a bump in the road.”

Despite her grief, she soldiered on, giving a powerful sermon during Calvary’s Sunday service and cementing her place as the church’s new lead pastor.

In an interview with TVLine, the show’s creator, Craig Wright, revealed that he didn’t always plan on letting Bishop die. “I knew that the series was inevitably going to have to be about the eclipse of male power, because the male power in the Black churches, it’s like the sacred cow. It’s the thing you’re not ever allowed to kick at,” he explained.

“But I did not exactly have in mind that Bishop had to die,” he noted. “As we got closer and closer to the end, I just realized that anything less than that was going to feel tired.”

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