With more and more streaming services entering the market, from Netflix, to Disney+, and Hulu, the video rental market has been suffering tremendously. That being said, the Blockbuster store manager, Sandi Harding, is staying busy by offering her community an “end-of-summer sleepover” in the form of three one-night reservations as a big “thank you” to those who have helped her during these tough times, according to Mashable.

Starting Aug. 17, Deschutes County residents will be able to reserve their one-night stay for Sept. 18, 19, and 20 on Airbnb for $4, which is just one cent more than the cost of actually renting a movie. The store will be cleaned (per COVID-19 standards), it will offer free candy, and will be decorated in total ’90s fashion. To be completely honest, us East-coasters are incredibly jealous. 

“Whether you want to stay up until sunrise or pass out on the couch, we’ve created the perfect space complete with a pull-out couch, bean bags and pillows for you to cozy up with ‘new releases’ from the ‘90s… Crack open a two-liter of Pepsi before locking into a video game, charting your future in a game of MASH, or watching movie after movie. But be wary of reciting ‘Bloody Mary’ in the staff bathroom off of the break room, as you just may summon the ghost rumored to haunt the store,” the Airbnb post reads.

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