The actress, who happens to be a very talented singer, spoke with Rolling Stone about her experience working on Work It, which she said is also the first movie she’s ever produced.

“I read [the script] and I just instantly fell in love with the idea of playing someone that had no rhythm, can’t dance, and finds herself through dance, and through music,” she shared. “She definitely has a really beautiful character arc throughout the film, and that was something that I was looking for.”

Sabrina admits she actually grew up dancing, but hasn’t taken it up since childhood. Work It served as “a very, very big reminder that I haven’t stretched in seven years,” she confessed.

“I was like, I can dance, like, it’s something that you don’t lose,” she continued, saying that she had previously danced for years. But with this film, “I even got tendonitis,” she admitted to the outlet. “That’s how you know, like, I really tried.”

Though she admitted the choreography was challenging, she found it just as hard to pretend to dance badly in the first half of the film. The movie reminded Sabrina how much she does love to dance, and we hope we can see her flex her talents in upcoming projects.

Work It is now streaming on Netflix.

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