Although the show’s crew took some time off as well, Jimmy Kimmel Live returned on Aug. 10 with Dua Lipa serving as the guest host. In her monologue, Dua took some time to introduce herself to Jimmy’s audience. “You know that song your kid listened to, like, 5,000 times trying to perfect a dance on TikTok?,” she said.

“That was me. You’re welcome. And I’m sorry. Jimmy and I actually just switched jobs for the night,” she continued. “Right now, I’m here, and he’s performing for thousands of people at a dance hall in Berlin, in a very tight tank top.” Dua also took some time to interview Gwen Stefani and did a segment in which she allowed senior citizens to trash her music to her face. 

Although the Aug. 10 show was the first new episode in some time, celebrity guests were also hosting before the show took a break. In that run, guests included Sean Hayes, George Lopez, Joel McHale and Billy Eichner. Fans of Jimmy may be eager to see him again soon, but this isn’t the first time that he’s asked celebrities to fill in for him while he took a break. 

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