In case you don’t recall, Jerry’s roommate at Navarro College was LaDarius, one of the most focused and talented stumblers on the team. And although one might think Jerry’s soft, upbeat personality would collide with LaDarius’ intense demeanor, they regard each other as “family for life,” and Jerry hopes they’ll work on future projects together. 

“I love LaDarius — he is my brother. He will be family for life,” Jerry says. “I will always have his back and be there for him, just like he is for me. I would love to work with LaDarius on something, let’s get a show started!” 

Jerry says he “has a few really exciting projects that [he’s] working on,” right now, and we’re really hoping that includes a LaDarius-Jerry podcast. Needless to say, we will certainly be the first to subscribe if that truly becomes a reality.

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