The rumors of Christine being pregnant at the time of her wedding started flying when the 31-year-old revealed to Selling Sunset co-stars Heather Rae Young and Davina Potratz that her gothic sequined black dress wasn’t fitting her properly.

The bride-to-be was dismayed by the fact that she kept having to go back and forth with alterations, claiming that her body rarely changes and has pretty much always been the same. “Like my boobs are f–king huge, and they’re having to like, alter and change everything,” she said on the series.

Considering her symptoms, Heather asked her real estate co-worker whether she might be pregnant. While Christine coyly denied any pregnancy rumors, Davina pointed out that her colleague’s changing body and recent symptoms, like nausea and vomiting, all suggested that she might be expecting.

“She’s in denial,” Davina said, while Heather teased her colleague, saying that Christine wasn’t at all ready for a baby and would probably need the help of many nannies if she were to consider starting a family.

Considering the fact that her wedding actually took place in December, we’re going to run with the fact that Christine was not pregnant at the time of her ceremony.

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