Turns out, Walker didn’t lose his life in Season 2 of Yellowstone. “Blood the Boy” saw Jamie and Rip set up an elaborate scheme geared toward murdering Walker. Thanks to a stroke of good luck, the cowboy miraculously survived. 

So, who was supposed to kill Walker? What made them change their minds?

So, which character was supposed to kill Walker on ‘Yellowstone’?

“Blood the Boy” captured Walker’s last-ever day on the Dutton ranch. The cowboy called it quits after Jamie and Rip got him involved in a murder without his knowledge. Tired of the near-constant fight for respect, Walker announced that it was his full intention to leave the place. 

However, the boys saw otherwise. Worried he might let slip of their dirty secret, they arranged a “ride to the train station,” i.e., tried to set up his murder. 

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Walker made a fatal mistake by trying to confront Jamie and Rip about their wrongdoing. The duo ordered him to drive a murdered journalist’s car — which, according to Walker’s reasoning, would have classified as an illegal activity. 

Not too pleased about the turn of events, he told them that it was time for him to start a new life elsewhere. 

The news wasn’t received particularly well, as Jamie and Rip developed the deep-seated conviction that he was trying to rat them out. Desperate to erase the last traces of the crime, they decided that it was best to rid of Walker for good. 

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As “Blood the Boy” revealed, the responsibility of “driving Walker away” originally befell on Rip’s shoulders. The fairest of the trio, Kayce (Luke Grimes), showed up at the very last minute, telling Rip that he will take care of the task.

Was it not for his kind offer, Walker would have died. But because it was Kayce who did the driving, he agreed to take Walker to another city on the condition he swore to never tell anybody about what had happened. 

Toward the end of the journey, he ventured so far as to promise Walker that they would welcome him back, insisting that he shouldn’t feel as though he was in danger. 

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Blood the Boy marked Walker’s last appearance on Yellowstone for quite some time. He made his unexpected return in a Season 3 episode, “I Killed a Man Today.” 

In a crucial scene of the episode, Rip and Lloyd (Forrie J. Smith) bumped into him at a bar far far away from the ranch. As they had to learn, not only did he stay alive after “visiting the train station,” but he also embarked on a new career as a musician in the meantime. 

The plot twist left fans feeling shocked, with many taking it to Twitter to discuss what the future might hold for Walker and the Duttons. 

“Walker is back?!?!? What?!?!??? This show man #Yellowstone,” tweeted a person. 

“That was the last thing I expected when Lloyd and Rip sat down at the bar. Then I heard the slightest hint of the song… Then your voice… Then the looks on Forrie’s and Cole’s faces. Priceless. I do hope Walker has a bigger knife now?” wrote someone else. 

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