Aside from reveling in Serena’s boss mentorship, Erika absolutely loved getting involved with the celebrity series, especially because Caitlyn Jenner was part of the lineup. She says she’ll never forget “crying over Caitlyn Jenner’s greatness and bravery,” and hearing her inspirational story, which showed her ability to “stand tall and authentically declare who [she is],” which she says was, “life-changing.”

While helping Serena on-set, she also got involved with Serena’s online dating school, The Love Academy. After helping out with its launch, and getting to know Serena, she is now teaching a class at The Love Academy on mindset.

“My role really evolved in the duration of the project, which I think people will see on the show. I hope it inspires anyone starting their journey, to give their all to other people’s work. There is such benefit and abundance in giving,” she says.

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