In his chat with Town & Country, Ryan admitted that when the TV personality isn’t gardening, she’s cooking — which hasn’t been great for his waistline. “Ordinarily I can burn off extra calories. But when Martha offers you a cookie you can’t just say no,” he confessed. “They’re delicious and you eat three.”

When Martha first hired Ryan nine years ago, the California native struggled to adapt to New York’s climate. “Growing up in the bubble of Southern California’s generally perfect weather doesn’t prepare you for snow, sub-zero temperatures, and East Coast winters!” he told Mr. Plant Geek in 2018.

“Plants that I was used to won’t grow here at all,” he added. “The property is huge, and the amount of plants, gardens, and landscape to take care of, with great precision and attention to detail, is staggering.”

Though Ryan uses a grounds crew “for more of the general upkeep and maintenance work,” he along with one other gardener and Martha do a majority of the planting. “Martha doesn’t just sit there and say, ‘Do that!'” Ryan shared of the home and décor expert. “She’s out there doing everything with you.”

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