If you’re a longtime WWE viewer, then you’ll probably remember Sister Abigail as the undead sibling of Bray Wyatt. She debuted at Fastlane 2016 and interfered in Dolph Ziggler‘s match with The Fiend, costing Dolph the intercontinental title.

Interestingly enough, two other wrestlers have portrayed Sister Abigail previously in the WWE, and they’re no longer with the company.

Wrassler Shelly Martinez was the “original” Sister Abigail and took up duties for The Fiend’s strange accomplice from 2016 until 2017. Daffney then took up Abigail duties until 2019 when she left the WWE and S.A. hasn’t been seen in action since.

It looks like the WWE’s trying to revive the character however and have Alexa Bliss take up the mantle of the deranged associate of Bray Wyatt.

What’s more is that Alexa’s inclusion in the Bray Wyatt / Braun Strowman rivalry has helped to not only breathe some new life into their conflict but has the potential for opening up new storyline opportunities for Braun. 

He has openly expressed his care for Alexa in the past and it could be that the WWE’s using The Fiend’s attack against the superstar as further impetus to Braun to fight Bray yet again after their Swamp rumble.

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