We should offer a disclaimer before you watch any of the videos shared here — there’s some NSFW language used throughout them! That’s because they all use the same sound: “Clap your hand” from TikTok user @andyarthursmith. It’s basically the song you know and remember from your preschool days, just sung extra quickly and with some colorful language thrown in for flavor.

Now, onto the actual challenge. Just as in the original “If You’re Happy and You Know It” song, Andy Arthur Smith’s version of the song has pauses to allow for clapping. Only, rather than clapping their hands, people are clapping someone else’s, um, behind:

To be fair, the song has never explicitly said you’re supposed to clap your hands against each other. You can clap your hands on anything! And that’s exactly what the people of TikTok have been doing, much to the general public’s delight.

There’s something so hilarious about these videos. We’re not saying that they’re, like, highbrow entertainment worthy of an Oscar. But we’re not not saying that either. Sometimes it’s the simplest things that make you laugh the most, right?

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