Fans are even further confused since news that former Bachelorette lead Becca Kufrin was also spotted at the La Quinta resort, suggesting she may also make an appearance this season. Recently, there have been rumors she and her fiancé, Garrett Yrigoyen, split.

This has led to conflicting reports as to who will appear as Clare’s replacement in the upcoming season, leading some to believe that the producers would use this opportunity to also shoot Bachelor in Paradise at the same time.

But Bachelor spoiler king Reality Steve put in his two cents on Twitter. “Thinking out loud: We know Becca and Hannah Ann are at filming. Those two have something in common: they were initially chosen, then not. What if their presence is nothing more than them talking to the guys still there about being ‘second choice?'”

The blogger shut down the idea that the remaining contestants would join these women in a Bachelor in Paradise-type deal, as there are no other women within the Bachelor franchise currently known to also be traveling to La Quinta.

While it’s largely suspected that Tayshia will be joining the show for the remainder of the season, it’s currently unclear what will happen next. Regardless, fans will still be able to see what went down with Clare, as her short time on set will lead the new season.

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