If you’re a fan of ’80s flicks starring John Cusack, then you’re probably very familiar with the most excellent comedy One Crazy Summer starring the 1408 star and Demi Moore. The movie’s set on the idyllic island of Nantucket, which is not only responsible for providing delicious bottled juices, but an amazing New England atmosphere that’s a top vacation destination (and home!) to celebrities like Dave Portnoy of Barstool Sports fame.

So where is Dave Portnoy’s Nantucket home located?

You can actually see the place in all of its Zillow glory even though it’s off the market (because duh, the dude’s living there). Although the photos are dated by a few years, the specs listed on the place, along with the photos, show off a lot of space. It’s a solid 2,256 square feet with five bedrooms and four bathrooms along with a gorgeous swimming pool in its sizable backyard and a playground.

From the listing, it looks like the home also has a decent-sized gym and indoor rec area with a foosball table. Dave has shared tons of Instagram videos from his summer stays on the island where he’s trying out different types of pizzas along with tons of other food review videos like chocolate chip cookies.

Source: Zillow
Source: Zillow

When Dave first purchased the home in 2016, he also uploaded a series of videos entitled “Nantucket Living” on YouTube, showing what life on the island is like.

There are several differences on living life in a place like Nantucket than most other residential neighborhoods.

For example, when it comes to trash removal and collection, instead of placing your refuse in bins outside of your home to be gathered by a waste management company, homeowners must keep the garbage in bins or barrels away from the curb until scheduled pickup days. According to the Myles Reis trucking company’s website, this is “due to the historic nature of the island.”

Source: Zillow
Source: Zillow

Barstool fans, after seeing what $2 million gets you in Nantucket, were pretty shocked. But that’s par for the course for primo real estate. Nantucket, and other similar locations like Martha’s Vineyard and Block Island, are known to have high costs of living.

This is due to several factors, the first being the high cost of just getting materials and products to the island.

Almost everything needs to be delivered by boat, which includes packaged goods and groceries. A $4 box of cereal in a mainland Walmart will cost close to double on the island (something I became very familiar with when I visited Haines, Alaska for Ghost Hunters and on vacation in Block Island with my brother the same year Portnoy purchased his home).

Source: Reddit
Source: Reddit

And despite there being some Redditors who don’t think his place in Nantucket is ultimately worth it, there are plenty others who, knowing the area, think it’s a great home. Besides, the controversial Barstool founder seems to be enjoying the home, and he’s the one living in it, so there’s that. You can check out the full listing of the house here.

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