When making a video on Instagram Reels, there’s no shortage of options to customize content. Like on TikTok, people can add songs/other audio snippets, alter the speed, add filters and effects, and easily edit within Instagram Reels. 

One feature that Reels has that TikTok does not is stickers. All of the stickers that users have grown to love using on their Instagram stories are available to be used on videos created through Reels.  

Those who are interested in making a video can find the “Reels” option next to “Live” and “Story” on their Instagram stories. Users can set a stopwatch to create content that is a specific length of time, and they can access their drafts within their regular photo account. 

It may take some time for people to get the hang of Reels, but Instagram has already been marketing the new feature with some big-name artists.

Miley Cyrus is set to debut her new single, “Midnight Sky,” exclusively through Reels, and Selena Gomez (who has more than 185 million followers) has used the feature to give a tour of her fridge and freezer. 

Instagram is likely hoping for similar success as to when it launched Stories (which was very similar to the already-launched Snapchat stories). Without bringing over TikTok stars like Charli D’Amelio or Addison Rae, it might be a while.

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