A24 Studios presents Saint Maud, which originally premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in September 2019 followed by Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas a few weeks later. This is the story of a very devout nurse caring for a woman with cancer who may be doing more harm than good with the direct guidance of St. Maud.

Two couples rent a beach house where they find that they are being watched, or worse, hunted.

A little boy is living in a house with a human-animal carnivorous hybrid that escapes and wreaks havoc on his small country town. His teacher realizes he’s in danger and takes it upon herself to protect him.

This movie is the sequel to the Koren zombie apocalypse movie Train To Busan. The main characters are offered millions of dollars located in the epicenter of the danger zone. If they escape with their lives, they get the money.

Starring Janelle Monae from the producers of Get Out, this film is about an author who is stolen and brought to a plantation in the late 1890s in slave-owning America.

Emily Blunt reprises her role in A Quiet Place 2, where she finds a group of refugees living in the post-apocalyptic world and being hunted by creatures who rely on sound to find their prey.

Available on Netflix on September 4th, this film is about a man taking his girlfriend home to meet his parents. There have been some unexplainable things happening in her life that seem to be coming to a convergence on this long drive.

The files of Ed and Lorraine Warren are reopened, examining a case from the 1980s that is so evil that it takes the Warrens to a different realm. It is the first case in US history where the defendant in a murder trial pleaded demonic possession.

Jordan Peele created a “spiritual sequel” for the 1992 film of the same name and turned it into something only Jordan Peele can.

Unfortunately, we’ll all have to wait another year to see what unfolds in the second to last Halloween film as the release date has been pushed to October 2021.

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