The 39-year-old is allegedly dating Season 1 finalist Nikki Hall, who was one of several cast members to come back for a second shot at love. Despite the fact that Pauly broke up with the brunette beauty on camera in 2019, he’s reportedly been hung up on her ever since last summer’s finale.

According to TMZ, the pair was spotted making out at a Las Vegas nightclub in October and at a Hollywood lounge in December. Pauly confirms in a clip from an upcoming Double Shot at Love episode that he wants to reconcile with the writer.

“Talking with Nikki is like rolling the dice downstairs in the casino, because you never know what you’re going to get,” he admits. “I don’t want her to lash out at me, I don’t want her to ignore me. I don’t know exactly what I’m going to say to her or how I’m going to fix it, but we’ve got to fix it.”

Not only does the duo appear to “fix it,” but fans are also speculating that the couple got engaged. Nikki’s Instagram followers noticed that the influencer was sporting a diamond ring on THAT finger in a series of photos posted between June 23 and June 30.

One commenter noted, “[The ring] wasn’t there before and [on] her stories I noticed she makes 2 plates and 2 desserts. I know she ain’t eating both, lol, I’m hella nosy and I want to know.” The caption on that particular pic? “You steady me and stir me all at once.” It sure sounds like she’s talking about a man!

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