Apparently there is nothing saying priests (or bishops and other ministers of the church) to be married to the opposite sex (same-sex marriage, unfortunately, is.a whole different story) While the Anglican Church under Henry VIII had to remain unmarried and certainly celibate, Edward VI did away with this restriction when he became King of England in 1547. 

Anglican priests can be married when they become priests, or get married while they’re priests. There’s one exception to this, and that’s if you got divorced: If you’re an Anglican priest, you’re not allowed to remarry. (Apparently you can if you live in the U.S. and Canada, which are more lax about these things.)

Knowing this might give Grantchester fans some hope. And it certainly might give reporter Ellie Harding (Lauren Carse) some, as well. As soon as she meets Will, fans could tell she felt some ways about him. Too bad Geordie told her, “I wouldn’t bother, he’s celibate.” Ellie replies, “Oh, you’re that Will. Should change your name to Won’t.” 

So, Will can definitely have a partner. And he can get married. But will he? That kiss between Ellie and Will was pretty steamy, so IDK, Will. We respect your choices, but an entire life without intimacy?! Only time will tell. 

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