When announcing the weekly show, Courtney told fans that she didn’t want to create a baking podcast. “In this new space, I won’t be talking much about cake layers and buttercream. Instead, I’m going back to my roots in broadcast journalism and doing something I’ve always loved to do — tell stories,” she wrote on her site.

The Salt Lake City resident added, “I’m saving the cake tips for the kitchen and my Instagram… I hope to leave listeners with the same feeling that making a cake leaves me — proud, uplifted, happy, excited, empowered, and joyful. Because, for me, making cake has never really just been about the cake. It’s so much more!”

On the June 3 episode, Courtney featured a woman named Catherine Ferguson, who started losing her hair at the age of 10 due to alopecia, and on the June 17 podcast, she spoke to weightlifter Melissa Kleiner, who struggled with infertility for 13 years.

“Stories of goodness, stories of bravery, stories of empowerment, stories of joy… We each have one,” Courtney stated, “and each one of our stories is unique, each one has something for others to learn from and each story matters.”

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