While she achieved significant success as a comedian and later a writer in Hollywood, what truly propelled Karen into the spotlight was starting the podcast My Favorite Murder.

Georgia and Karen initially began chatting about true crime at a friend’s Halloween party in 2015, shortly after the release of the successful true-crime podcastm Serial. Karen, as Georgia recalls to Rolling Stone, was telling others at the party a “morbid story” about an accident she had seen.

“I immediately ran across the room and was like, ‘Tell me everything,'” Georgia says. “As she was running forward, everyone else was running away,” Karen adds. “It was an important moment for both of us.”

The moment would prove the beginning of a lifelong friendship and huge success for the podcast, who have dominated the true crime market both with their successful podcast, and their joint memoir, which borrows its title from the advice the ladies give their listeners at the end of each episode: Stay Sexy and Don’t Get Murdered.

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