Another subculture on TikTok that has millions of views (more than 531.7 million) is Cottagecore, which has also been referred to as Countrycore or Farmcore). 

Unlike Dark Academia, Cottagecore relies more on a complete aesthetic that centers around the whimsical nature of farm life and living in harmony with nature. 

Barns, cottages, tea parties, flowers, elves, gnomes, fairies, mason jars, crafting, and harvesting fresh plants and vegetables are part of this trend.

As for clothing, aprons, peasant skirts and dresses, big sleeves, pastel colors, and loose-fitting sundresses, are popular choices to fit in with the group. Handmade accessories are a bonus. 

The Sound of Music, Little Women, Midsommar, and Anne of Green Gables are movies that are commonly associated with Cottagecore.

If you don’t have access to a quaint home in the countryside, or you’re lacking tweed options in your closet, then you might want to simply look up the subcultures on TikTok. There’s quite a lot out there.

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