In The Bold and the Beautiful episode that aired on May 15, 2015, it’s revealed that Maya’s big secret is that she’s actually transgender. 

She fears that revealing this to Rick will make him no longer want to be with her, and when her sister comes to town, she worries she only has a matter of time before she has to reveal the truth to him.

“Ultimately Maya trusts Rick, she loves him enough to risk everything – including letting down some of the walls she’s built up to protect herself – in order to be with him in a healthy way,” Karla told People in 2015 of Maya’s secret.

Maya reveals this to Rick, and despite her immediate fears that he would leave her only to fall back into Caroline’s arms, he receives the news well. Rick reminds Maya that he loves her for who she is, and learning that she’s transgender changes nothing between them.

Despite all of this, Rick and Maya remain a solid couple — though will that stay true for the rest of the series? Only time will tell.

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